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Courtyard housing precedents in Portland.
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Child-friendly Design

What is "child-friendly" design? This linked document is intended to help answer this question by summarizing research and other literature on child-friendly housing design. Principles and considerations that figure prominently in this literature include the following:

• Young children need safe, outdoor play space in immediate proximity to their homes. These play areas should be designed so that they can be supervised by parents and other caregivers from their homes.
• Outdoor spaces should be designed to accommodate a variety of play activities. While green spaces are important, the need for paved surfaces should not be overlooked, as they are used for many outdoor play activities (riding tricycles, skating, games, etc.).
• Site and community design that provides opportunities for casual interaction with other children and neighbors is important, as is the need for dwelling units that provide privacy and are designed to allow intrusions (physical, visual, and acoustic) to be controlled.
• Units should be designed with the needs of children in mind, providing spaces for indoor play for young children and sufficient numbers of bedrooms or other rooms that can accommodate increasing needs for personal space as children mature.
• Readily accessible storage space is needed for bulky items, such as strollers and bicycles.

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